Bar & Lounge…  

Enjoy a drink in the Albastons fully licenced bar ‘Oscars’ or unwind in the Hotel Lounge.

Welcome to Oscars The Albastons fully licenced bar.

A perfect place to have a drink before heading out for the evening or a night cap to finish off the perfect night. Come in and unwind with a glass of Wine or a refreshing Lager or how about a bottle of local Beer or Cider. Have a  Gin and Tonic from our ever increasing selection of craft Gins or sample our vast array of spirits. Why not sit back in one of our sofas and watch some TV on our huge bar TV or listen to some good tunes on the juke box. Play retro games on our fantastic new games table with over 3000 games including Space Invaders,Pac Man to name a couple.Or you can always sit at the bar and make some new friends while putting the world to rights over a drink.

The  Lounge

If all you want is a quiet sit down try our guest lounge whilst taking in some of the beautiful art we have on display around the room. Alternatively you could challenge our  chess champion Gerald the Gorrilla to a game or just relax seated in a comfy chair and consider your next move tomorrow. It’s a great room to just sit and do nothing or something! But above all, it’s a great room for our guests to chill out in.

accessibility-statement-download-graphic-albaston-hotel-bed-and-breakfast-torquay-devonPlease click here to download a pdf version of the access statement for full details of the property and its accessibility. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Oscars bar